Vol 42, No 1 (2013)

Winter/Spring 2013

Table of Contents


Editor's Note PDF
Jamie McDaniel 1-2
Launching Curricular Reform in First-Year Composition: Navigating the Terrain between Buy-in and Burnout PDF
Andrea Deacon 3-25
Between Universalizing and Othering: Developing an Ethics of Reading in the Multicultural American Literature Classroom PDF
Ann-Marie Dunbar 26-48
Beyond the Narrative Mode in the Composition Classroom: Embracing a Return to the Personal Essay PDF
Hayley Mitchell Haugen 49-70
Step-Dame Study’s Purpose: Early Modern Literature and Critical Thinking PDF
Emily Ruth Isaacson 71-98
Science and Science Fiction: Methods for Evaluating Interdisciplinary and Intermedia Assignments PDF
Ashley Lear 99-126
An Introduction to the Work (and Play) of Writing Studies Research Methods through Micro Study PDF
Suzan Aiken, Emily J. Beard, David R. E. McClure, Lee Nickoson 127-154
Indigenous-Centered Pedagogies: Strategies for Teaching Native American Literature and Culture PDF
Annette Portillo 155-178
To Be a Co-Worker in the Kingdom of Culture PDF
Trudi Witonsky 179-207


Service Courses: Forays to Bridge the Gulf and Invite New “Citizens” PDF
Carolyn Sturgeon 208-245
Crossing Cultural and Gender Borders to Change the Way We Use Discourse in the Classroom PDF
Keith Lloyd 246-261
A Conspicuous Gap in Cultural Studies: Popular Music in the English Studies Classroom PDF
Jim Knippling 262-271
Food for Thought: Crossing Disciplinary and Campus Borders with Integrated Pedagogy PDF
Betsy L. F. Hall 272-279


The Risks and Rewards of Sports Lit and other Bait-and-Switch Courses PDF
Colin Irvine 280-290

Book Reviews

Review of Patricia Suzanne Sullivan, Experimental Writing in Composition: Aesthetics and Pedagogies PDF
Danielle Nielsen 291-295

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