Vol 42, No 2 (2013)

Summer/Fall 2013

Table of Contents


Editor's Note PDF
Jamie McDaniel 1 - 2
Universal Design in First-Year Composition – Why Do We Need It, How Can We Do It? PDF
Danielle Nielsen 3 - 29
Queer & Nondemagogic Pedagogy in the Classroom PDF
Rob Faunce 30 - 44
Remediating Remediation: From Basic Writing to Writing Across the Disciplines PDF
Melissa Faulkner 45 - 60
Teaching Laura Kipnis's "Love's Labors" in Ways of Reading PDF
Matthew Fike 61 - 78
Constructing Student Learning through Faculty Development: Writing Experts, Writing Centers, and Faculty Resources PDF
Courtney L Werner 79 - 92


Introduction: English Classrooms as Social Spaces: Using Collaboration to Foster Student-Centered Learning PDF
Nicole Emmelhainz 93 - 96
Status Update to Term Paper: Social Network Sites as a Medium for Collaboration PDF
Nicole Emmelhainz 97 - 108
Playing Literature Like an Amateur: Collaborative Pedagogy and the Hermeneutics of the Team PDF
Jason Carney 109 - 118
Peer Review and the ‘Non-Specialist Reader’: Strategies for Developing Audience Awareness in the Writing for the Health Professions Classroom PDF
Mary K. Assad 119 - 138
Collaborative Digital Spaces in the Composition Classroom PDF
Kevin Risner 139 - 147
Finding Room for Computers in the Poetry Workshop PDF
Mike Joseph Wright 148 - 156
Proceedings: Mise-en-scène and Kinaesthetically Charged Atmosphere in John Cassavetes' Faces PDF
Ian Dixon 157 - 167
Proceedings: People Not Like Us: Re-Imagining Jonestown & the Peoples Temple PDF
Darlene Anita Scott 168 - 181
Proceedings: Keeping a Finger in Them-Thar Dikes PDF
Richard S. Pressman 182 - 183


(Mis)Interpretations and Untranslatables PDF
Colin Irvine 184 - 197

Book Reviews

Review of Gowdon Bowker, "James Joyce: A New Biography" PDF
Lee Brewer Jones 198 - 202

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