Debunking "You Want Fries with That?": Designing Courses to Bridge the Gap between Degree and Career

Monica Luebke, Althea E. Rhodes


Because we believe it is better to show our students than to tell them that they learn more from active experience, we have designed selected courses within our rhetoric and writing program to offer them guidance and to help them conceive of their major in the form of different careers, both academic and nonacademic, before they hit the job market, careers that exist in the local economy and that make use of their rhetorical and literary skills. These courses include our capstone course, the senior seminar, and two internship courses. In what follows, we present the design and benefits of these courses
which work to help students find careers that our rhetoric majors and minors may not envision otherwise. These courses help them bridge the gap between being a student and a professional.


rhetoric; internships; experiential learning; capstone; writing

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