Disrupting Determinism: Classroom Design as a Technology

Bret Bowers


This section articulates classroom design as a technology. However, by technology I do not simply mean the ways in which technology is used in the writing classroom, but that the classroom space itself functions as a technology. Like Katherine Fredlund and Vanessa Cozza, I too will be discussing the design of the classroom; however, unlike them I will focus my analysis on design through the lens of technology. By viewing classroom design through the lens of technology, I hope to unveil the underlying ideologies in classroom spaces. Furthermore, by taking a substantive view of these classroom spaces, I hope to show the ways in which these spaces dominate the individual pedagogical practices. This view of the classroom will emphasize that these classrooms have been constructed—engineered—and therefore new paths can be found to change the way in which the physical classroom space limits interaction and pedagogy. Through this articulation, I will conclude by looking at ways to disrupt, decenter and democratize these static classroom environments and ultimately investigate new practices so that writing instructors can take back control.


writing; technology; pedagogy; classroom design

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