Teaching in a Laptop Classroom: Merging Traditional with Technological

Katherine Fredlund


This section will reflect on two different classroom designs from my own teaching experience: one that required students to bring laptops and one that required only paper and pen. Because traditional classrooms were likely designed without taking technology into consideration, teachers should be aware of what the design of the classroom says about the design of the course. Classroom design affects pedagogy, access, and learning, and therefore, should be considered by the teacher. The difference in design between traditional and technological classes fashion two very different learning environments, and when combined in the form of a laptop class forces a conscious effort and struggle on the instructor’s part to use the classroom space to fit his/her teaching pedagogy. While neither technology nor composition was likely at the forefront of the classroom designer’s mind, when we enter these rooms we must learn to negotiate the space we are provided. In this article, I will reflect on these two experiences to investigate the problem of merging the traditional with the technological.


technology; classroom design; pedagogy; writing

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